'A Space For Everyone' at Cinema Gallery / by Jacob Foran

"A Space For Everyone" is a show of ceramic sculpture that recently happened at the Cinema Gallery in Urbana, IL and has since traveled to Millikin University.  Along with the work, we put together a 22 page book with a brief text that discusses my work in relationship to our present.  You may order a copy at cost.  Contact me through the website and i will send you a link to place your order.  Here is a preview.

..."A Space For Everyone alludes to a place of acceptance and unity for all beings. With closed eyes and subtle smiles, these faces symbolize inward thought and act as dreamlike objects that exist between inner and outer worlds. They symbolize imagination, creativity, innocence, and they promote access to the child heart and mind that exists both within the individual and collectively in our unconsciousness. Their aesthetic conveys a sense of timelessness; they are like ancient artifacts from archaeological sites or childhood time capsules from some colorful, playful, wild, and whimsical universe. They express calmness; they are like contemplations and wishing wells in a time of civil unrest in America and beyond. " 

View the show at Millikin University now through Oct 27th:

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