Studio Update / by Jacob Foran

Currently  I am working on 2 solo shows for Sept and October.  And too,  I am committed to pushing my studio practice and investigating questions that i may never have answers to.     I am working towards a Spring of 2018 release date of new works that bring together various facets of my past 10 years in the studio with a new and unified aesthetic-- categorically they will distinguished as follows: narratives, heads, vessels, artifact, and 2D.  Here is a glimpse of some new work in the making.  


‘Head's 1-4 , 2017’ orbit around metamorphosis and change.    From every vantage point different ‘faces’ emerge.  Value shapes morph around form creating abstracted imagery that changes based upon light and space/ vantage point.  20-30 new works are in various states and will be glazed with black metallics.