Unconscious Continuum- Eutectic Gallery

I am an artist who works primarily with clay—my process centers on a conversation between creating and unearthing. I approach the material to learn and access information about what it means to exist and experience. My work happens intuitively, and I am as much interested in the interaction with materials and objects as I am with the outcome. The nature of clay gives rise to relationships between hands and mind—between artist, object, and space or context.

Objects in Unconscious Continuum signify a shift in my work towards greater abstraction and a more unconstrained process. I draw inspiration from the head and face as well as the ceramic vessel, both of which examine inner, psychological space. Weaving together notions of ephemerality and metamorphosis, ceramic figural sculptures and vessels probe at the multi-dimensionality of emotion, identity, and memory. Each object ‘shifts’ in space -- containing and traveling through void moments-- leaving behind past representation, revealing a spectrum of conditions and the complexities of the human condition.


Ceramics Monthly- Emerging artist 2017

Jacob Foran’s dreamlike narrative sculptures, with their references to outer space and underwater exploration, evoke feelings of curiosity about and discovery in environments that are very different from our own. The reflective glazing distorts the details of the forms, adding another level of mystery and ambiguity, while also making viewers more aware of themselves in relation to the pieces.  There is a resemblance to trophies—in the stylized forms and heroic stance of the figures, the use of the ceremonial vessel as a base, and the thick, platinum glaze that covers the forms—that leads one to think about achievements above and beyond the usual, as well as childhood dreams and goals.


In between dreams - abmeyer + wood

Jacob Foran's sculpture blurs the lines between narrative and abstract, eloquent and absurd, dream and reality. For Foran outer space and underwater are metaphorical landscapes that, respectively speaking, express the forces that exist around us and therefore influence the emotion within us. In his work, technology such as rockets, space suits, and diving helmets signify a physical boundary between humanity and environment. They symbolize exploration and discovery- a curiosity for the unknown, a fascination with creation, and a probing of life's beautiful fragility.


A Space For Everyone- Cinema Gallery

In my work the child figure signifies something I can only describe as “good” in humanity.  By casting a child in a bust I am suggesting a sense of reverence and nobility (Usually we associate sculpted busts with notable, powerful, or impressive figures such as presidents, kings, or memorable politicians). In a sense I am elevating the child to a near-mythic, respected status and giving praise —after all, children are our creative heart, our light, and our future. 

A Space For Everyone alludes to a place of acceptance and unity for all beings. With closed eyes and subtle smiles, these faces symbolize inward thought and act as dreamlike objects that exist between inner and outer worlds. They symbolize imagination, creativity, innocence, and they promote access to the child heart and mind that exists both within the individual and collectively in our unconsciousness. Their aesthetic conveys a sense of timelessness; they are like ancient artifacts from archaeological sites or childhood time capsules from some colorful, playful, wild, and whimsical universe. They express calmness; they are like contemplations and wishing wells in a time of civil unrest in America and beyond. 


beneath an eyelid.jpg

Beneath an Eyelid Lies a Moon - Zinc Contemporary

Jacob Foran’s ceramic sculptures investigate the psychological space of imagination. The forms of children and babies symbolize unbridled creativity and unlocking the inner child within the adult. They convey a sense timelessness- they are as ancient relics from an archaeological site or a futuristic time capsule from an alternate universe. The titles of the pieces even suggest other worldly origins with numeric names similar to systems of cataloging foreign objects such as asteroids and meteorites.

The materials emphasize conceptual references to outer space and states of ambiguity. The light reflected off of black metallic glazes of the ceramic sculptures create ever-changing abstract forms on the representational busts, creating cause for investigation- What are they made from? Are they solid as steel or liquid as mercury? Do they come from this Earth or elsewhere?

The childlike sculptures seemingly float in space on invisible orbital paths, revolving around the viewer, the center of this small solar system. The figures face each other in conversation- the older one giving wisdom to the younger and others looking on. The viewer stands in the center of this force field, absorbing the energy of the imaginative minds of youth.

Beneath an eyelid lies a moon alludes to the notion of the unity of inner and outer worlds, the interconnectivity of all things. With closed eyes and subtle smiles, Jacob’s sculptures softly modeled faces symbolize inner thought and convey a calm state of being. It’s been said by scientists that we are made of stardust. When we close our eyes and see the thoughts of our imagination, are we also seeing the universe?

  --- By Cat Snapp; ZINC contemporary, September 2016


Headspace- Designboom

american artist jacob foran held a solo exhibition entitled 'headspace', a series of large ceramic forms at the university of washington-seattle's 3D4M gallery. arranged in varying heights of five to ten feet tall, the sculptures largely resemble giant diving bells of bright and bold colours.

'my work embodies theme of desire and fantasy. influenced by a port-town setting, water and submarine life have become a potent place of metaphor. physical representations of nauticalexploration symbolize a quest for understanding -- an investigation that is inseparable from mymethodology as an artist and my interest in the subconscious. Imagery of diving gear represents armor that provides a stable internal environment in a pressure filled atmosphere…–jacob foran

in addition to helmets and armor, foran considers his sculptures to be a form of shelter and private chambers. the diving bells symbolically represent a barrier between one self and the pressures of the outside world. though the sculptures are large enough to physically crawl into, there is no literal point of entry. this, coupled with the playful way in which they are constructed suggest another form of protection--a barrier built with imagination and fantasy.

by Erica Kim, Designboom


Headspace- Beautiful Decay

Jacob Foran‘s latest series, “Headspace” celebrates exploration and fantasy. The diving helmets represent a sort of creative sanctuary just as real armor-like diving helmets protect the wearer from the dangers of underwater pressure, (and sea creatures). Foran returns to the creative fairytale worlds of childhood, this time as an adult, with more mature musings about the “pressure-filled” world we live in.